Sunday, October 17, 2010

Chocolate for Hantaran

This choc ordered by my officemate for her brother in law wedding..
Purple theme..

Home Made Coklat-Hantaran perkahwinan

Theme: Gold
Quantity: 12pc/box
Chocolate: Plain- Strawberry,Dark Choc,White choc, and milk choc.

I sponsor this chocolate to my relative during his wedding, as one of the 'hantaran'. The idea came from my beloved mom, and this is the look.



Saturday, October 16, 2010

Home Made Chocolate

Now i actively taking order for my yummy homemade chocolate.
very suitable for any occasion such as doorgift for wedding,birthday party, majlis cukur jambul and etc. i'm using high quality chocolate only (not cooking chocolate ok) for this chocolate. and the most important thing is, its HALAL.

Details as below:

  • Price: RM1.70 per pack (2pc)- 100 pack- 300 pack
  • Price: RM1.50 per pack (2pc)- 301 pack and above
  • Flavour: Milk Choc/ Dark Chocolate/ Milk Choc + White choc/Milk Choc + Strawberry Choc.
  • Packaging: Gold Container plus ribbon
  • Shape: Love/ Rose
  • Plain chocolate only
  • minimum order: 100 pack

Any order must  at least 2 week to 1 month early and half deposit after make a comfirmation.
Any order must be made by phone call @  0122715774 (yatt)

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

coklat dan bunga

teringat Ain Idola Kecil..lagu ni memang best..
coklat..memang sinonim dengan bunga..
coklat dan bunga tanda cinta..
coklat dan bunga tanda bahagia..
coklat dan bunga memberi ceria..